Inglorious Rex 2 Merch Fulfilled! And Updates!

Merch Fulfillment: COMPLETED!

Hello, Beloved 9 Lives Comics fans and supporters!

Today, we’d like to show off this awesome spread from volume 2 featuring 232, Alex and Ronnie!

Inglorious Rex is about a fight that destroyed a family, and the FIGHT that will bring them back together.

If you have bought shirts, caps or lunch boxes from our Inglorious Rex 2 campaign or our Black Friday campaign, we’re pleased to announce that all orders have been sent out since early July!

If you did not receive a tracking number, please reach out to us ASAP! All orders have been fulfilled.

In the meantime, our orders for Inglorious Rex 2 campaign items are starting to come in as well! All our 232 mini figures are in!

Tampa Bay Comic Con

On 28th July, we will be launching a 3 days only campaign featuring merchandise for Tampa Bay Comic Convention. We will be at Booth 400 from then until 30th July. Stop by to see us!

If you cannot make it, we will be launching campaigns for some of these items on both Indiegogo and Stay tuned to your inbox for the links to the campaigns!

Axcend: Level Up

Also, we have a launch date for Axcend: Level Up Vol 1 – 13th August 2023!

If you have not signed up to our pre-launch list, you will miss out on secret tiers, discounts and an exclusive trading card, so be sure to sign up!

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