100% Pencils & Inks DONE!

Hello 9 Lives Comics Backers!

Thank you for patience while Shane had to undergo an unexpected surgery for his drawing arm!

We are happy to announce that 100% of the pencils and inks for Inglorious Rex 2 has been completed!

Right now, the remaining 10 pages are being colored, and once that is done, we are off to lettering and pre-pressing!

The Inglorious Rex 2 supplemental book is also 100% COMPLETED and headed to pre-press!

If you have missed out this campaign, we have a 2nd chance campaign offering a brand new set of virgin connecting covers:

9 Lives Comics: https://9livescomics.com/projects/shane-davis-inglorious-rex-vol-2-comic-book-second-chance-campaign/

IGG: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/shane-davis-inglorious-rex-comic-2-second-chance/x/23556882#/

Thank you for supporting us on our 3rd brand new book from 9 Lives Comics! We look forward to getting this book into your hands real soon!