Supplemental Update + Campaign Closes in 12 Days!

Hello, our beloved 9 Lives Comics fans and supporters!

We have a quick ART UPDATE for you guys today, showcasing some artwork from the supplemental book. One of the stories in the book will lead directly into the events of volume 2, and explain why the Viile are attacking Arc-City. We will be following a crack team out into the polluted wastelands on their SECRET MISSION.

If you want the FULL EXPERIENCE of Inglorious Rex, you definitely want to make sure you have picked up a copy of the supplemental book in the campaign!

Also, a reminder that the campaign will CLOSE OUT on 26th April at 11.59pm, and you will NOT be able to back it after that date. So be sure to back prior to that to NOT miss out!

Thank you for supporting us here at 9 Lives Comics! We continue to work hard on the books, and will have MORE updates and art for you coming soon! Your pledge to our campaign helps us continue putting out great quality books in a timely manner, and we REALLY appreciate your support!