CGC Signature Series Comics Added! Art Update!

We have a quick update to the project we want to announce before we show off our art update: due to backers’ requests, we are giving you the chance to pick up CGC signed and graded copies of all of 9 Lives Comics’ works to date!

Each book will be signed by both Shane Davis and Yanzi Lin, then graded and slabbed by CGC before they are mailed out to you. We are currently not limiting the number of copies for Starlight Cats #1 and Inglorious Rex #1. However, since we do not overprint our books by a lot, once stock starts running low, we will remove the CGC option for these 2 books.

And now for the promised art update! Here is a crazy spread of Rexes 232 and Razur fighting outside Arc-City. What are they fighting, and how will this battle be resolved? Be sure to back Inglorious Rex 2 to find out more!

Thank you for backing Inglorious Rex! We are having a blast working on these pages, and we look forward to getting you the books!