Hello all 9 Lives Comics fans! Inglorious Rex has crossed $140k, and all books will now be signed! 


As we close in on 30 days of our campaign, we are dropping 2 brand new covers that automatically go into the All-Books Subscription Box!



We have an Irene Strychalski cover, and a connecting Kenneth Rocafort cover that will go together with is volume 1 cover!



As it stands, this is how the subscription box now looks:

  • EXCLUSIVE: Dale Keown B&W Vol 2 Cover
  • EXCLUSIVE: VS Lenticular Poster (7x10inches)
  • EXCLUSIVE: 75mm scale unpainted Rex 232 mini figure
  • Dale Keown Vol 2 Cover
  • Shane Davis Vol 2 Cover
  • Kenneth Rocafort Vol 2 Cover
  • Irene Strychalski Vol 2 Cover
  • 24 Hours Cover
  • Vol 1 Reprint 
  • Rocafort-Strychalski trading card set
  • Supplemental Book Vol 2
  • Collector’s Box


If you had backed the box earlier, you do not need to add these 2 books to your order (unless you want extras!)

We are offering a very limited number of the volume 1 Kenneth Rocafort cover at $40 as an add-on during checkout. If you add it to your order, it will ship when your volume 2 books ship in early 2024.


Thank you for supporting 9 Lives Comics! We appreciate your backing and look forward to bringing you more of the world of Inglorious Rex.